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Purpose offers a practical guide for daily Christian living with inspirational stories on monthly themes like celebrations, mentoring, the value of small things, and overcoming excuses. The personal, real-life stories make Purpose easy to read and share with others, to discuss in a Sunday school class or mid-week group, and as a source of sermon illustrations.

In addition to personal stories of inspiration, each issue of Purpose also includes some poetry and a puzzle on the designated theme. One new feature starting in December 2019 will be a one-page guide for leading a Sunday school class or mid-week group on the monthly theme with the stories in Purpose as a resource.

To subscribe for yourself or your church, as a gift subscription for a family member or friend, to use in a Sunday school class or mid-week group, please call 1-800-245-7894, or email us with your order. Annual individual subscription: $29.10 USD or $40.65 CAD (including GST). Group rates available. All prices subject to change.

To write for Purpose: Please refer to our Writer Guidelines and list of monthly themes and deadlines.

Writer Guidelines

The Writer Guidelines for Purpose are available here.


The themes for Purpose, September 2020—August 2021 are available here.
The themes for Purpose, September 2019—August 2020 are available here.

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