Salt and Light

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What is Salt & Light?

Salt & Light is a new quarterly Bible study to help you encounter God more deeply through Christ-centered Sunday school lessons. The new Salt & Light curriculum starts in Fall 2020 and succeeds the Adult Bible Study curriculum that MennoMedia has published for many years.

Each weekly Salt & Light session includes a spiritual practice alongside thought-provoking commentary and discussion prompts. Daily Bible readings, free online essays, reproducible teaching aids, and suggested resources for additional study help participants make connections throughout the week. The new design is simple, attractive, and easy to read. Each weekly session includes the accompanying NRSV Scripture text. Sal y Luz is the Spanish-language version.

How are the Bible outlines developed for Salt & Light?

Salt & Light Bible outlines are developed by a team of Mennonite and United Methodist Bible scholars and educators who have a passion for creating exciting and transformative Bible studies. This partnership provides complete freedom to align the outlines and resultant Bible studies with our Anabaptist theology and practice. MennoMedia is highly involved in the development of this new curriculum, from the inception of the Bible outline through publication.

What happened to the Uniform Series/International Sunday School Lessons?

The work of the Committee on the Uniform Series continues. MennoMedia has chosen to now develop its own outlines apart from this series.

Why are Mennonites no longer a part of the Committee on the Uniform Series (CUS)?

When CUS developed the six-year cycle of Bible studies for 2022–28, MennoMedia editors became concerned about the intertextual approach used to develop the outlines. This resulted in themes that are two or three quarters in length with a heavy representation of Old Testament texts and a less emphasis on the Gospels. We saw this as an opportunity to work to develop Anabaptist Bible outlines.

What is gained by developing a Bible study curriculum “from the ground up”?

By developing our own outlines, we are creating a curriculum that grows from our Anabaptist biblical interpretation and practices. We are also free from a contractual agreement that limited our ability to make changes to the CUS outlines.

Will a large print edition be available?

Yes, a large print edition of the participant guide will be offered.

Will a Spanish translation version be available?

Yes, Sal y Luz will be available as a downloadable, reproducible participant guide and leader guide.

Will the session plans in the leader guide have the participant guide materials as an inset?

Yes, the layout is similar to the familiar Adult Bible Study Teacher’s Guide.

Will related online articles be available from MennoMedia?

Yes, Salt & Light Online will feature “just in time” articles connecting the Bible studies with current events in the church and the world.

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