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Faith & Life Resources provides curriculum for children, youth, and adults from an Anabaptist perspective—for Sunday school, midweek, and more.

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Shine: Living in God's Light

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Explore God's love with the new Shine Sunday school curriculum! Engaging stories and activities will help children find meaning in the biblical stories, understand that they are known and loved by God, and learn what it means to follow Jesus. The Bible-based materials invite everyone to shine God's light in the world! Read more.

Generation Why


Help youth apply the Bible to real life and discuss their faith. Updated for a new generation, this all-in-one curriculum guides youth and their leaders on a journey for meaning and identity. Generation Why encourages youth to encounter and explore Scripture to make it their own. In a time of violence, injustice, materialism, and hard questions, Generation Why offers a different point of view. More.

Wee Wonder

[Wee Wonder]

Wee Wonder: Sharing God's Love With Twos introduces very young children to God through song, action rhymes, Bible stories and responsive play. These young children are beginning to expand their environment beyond the immediate family and home. The world is opening up to them in wonderful ways. What better place than in a Christian childcare or church setting to explore God’s world and nurture the child’s relationship with a loving Creator God? More.

Kids Can Club

[Kids Can]

You'll love this all-in-one kids' club curriculum! Each unit has 10 energetic, easy-to-organize sessions, with everything you'll need to lead a successful club experience for grades 1-5. Filled with Bible stories, crafts and activities, games, and music, Kids Can is perfect for kids' clubs, midweek, Sunday night, camp, or other settings. More.

Adult Bible Study

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Adult Bible Study provides a quarterly study of the Bible from an Anabaptist perspective. Lessons are based on the International Bible Lessons for Christian Teaching by the Committee on the Uniform Series. Scripture texts are from the Holy Bible: Today's New International Version. In addition to weekly lessons, Adult Bible Study offers daily Bible readings and suggested resources for additional study. More.

With the Word


We draw closer to God when we spend time with the Word. This new Bible study and devotional series explores specific books of the Bible from an Anabaptist perspective. Each session takes adult groups or individuals through study, discussion, and reflection before ending with seven short devotionals. Also included are leader suggestions if used in a group setting. Spend time With the Word today! More.

Second Mile

[Second Mile]

Second Mile: A Peace Journey for Congregations invites congregations and small groups to enter a journey of worship, study, action, and reflection to become active signs of Christ's peace in a broken world. More.

And more!

Also available are flexible Bible study series for midweek or small groups, including Good Ground Bible Studies for adults, Generation Why and Fast Lane for youth and junior youth, and studies for Women's and Men's groups. Browse all our curriculum in the online store

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